I kid you not!

I’ve been sitting for a while thinking whether there’s a perfect adverb that adequately describes what I’m about to share. I wonder whether it was just weird or insane! I can’t really make the conclusion on my own, you tell me what you think…

It started like the usually emergency calls that I get right before I close down my business for the day. I was too tired but sometimes, that extra buck is usually worth the effort. Since it was almost getting dark, time was really of the essence.

Fortunately for me, the job was rather simple and I was happy because I would be out of there in a couple of minutes. There was a slight problem with the garage door of this old man who seemed to be living alone. He sat in a chair a short distance from where I was working from, smoking a pipe and insisted that I shouldn’t open the door up to a certain height. It was like he did not want me to see what was inside the garage. This was actually normal, lots of guys have asked this of me and since its none of my business, I do what takes me there and leave.

I tested the garage door by lifting it only a few inches above the ground as the old grumpy guy insisted. Unfortunately, (or was it fortunate?) the door swung fully open as I was trying to shut it and what I saw was quite confusing. It was a woman kneeling on fours in what looked like a crib, breastfeeding a kid. And by ‘kid’ I don’t mean a small child, it was a baby goat!

Was this being humane? Or is it full-on insanity? And even more weird, the woman was roughly as old as the man. Is she even able to lactate? Whoa! The kid (baby goat) appeared to ‘but’ her breast with its head (I wonder if this was painful) as if trying to force the milk out!

The old guy rushed to the garage door and shut it close with a stern look on his face and I knew that I had overstayed my welcome…

I left with a lot of questions bombarding by confused brain! What do you think of this? Is it even legal or medically appropriate?

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