Slumber Party?

There is this garage I went to fix and I found the lady eagerly waiting for me.  She shows me the part that needs to be fixed. I must say with my kind of work I have learned to be very observant perhaps because it helps me break ice with the owner which makes my work more interesting.

Sometimes, I even get more stuff to fix. So, naturally my first few minutes are dedicated to scanning through the garage, to check out the problem. Fortunately, today, there was nothing wired, or so I thought.

As I continue working, I notice a huge mattress backed up against the wall. The lady notices and laughs, “That’s my me-time slumber mattresses.” I wondered why she had to have it there, seemed like she’d already read my mind “this is where I come to get away from the crazy. I take long and quite naps here when I can” …. “Having young kids can get crazy, without these silent breaks, I think I could go crazy, this is how I keep my sanity she finishes”.

I was amazed, and here I thought that if you were an uninvited guest, this would probably be your mattresses to crash on for not giving prior notice for your visit.

I would have never associated perfect sleep with a garage or in a garage setting. The way this lady explained as she the held the mattress, you would think she was on a nice beach in the Bahamas taking a nap by the beach.

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That is when the mattress slid off the wall to expose a shelved wall closet full of stuffed cats.

Mind you, if you are thinking about cute department store kitties, think again. They were actually deceased cats that looked like they had been kept alive by the crafty hands of a taxidermist. Their eyes were too alive, yikes!

Did her slumbers involve spending some quality time with the ‘cats’? I guess parenthood is not easy you just have to find your ways of venting even if it means having unusual slumber parties!

Here is a funny video for ya!