The Librarian

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever stumbled upon? Well, if I was counting, this would fall on the top 5!

On my usual garage errands, I found myself in a garage where almost all the old items there had some scribbles on them. I wondered, why are they writing their names on everything? Is it an inheritance issue where everyone writes their name on everything they want to inherit? (sounds absurd but some people actually do this).


The more I spent time there the closer I scrutinized the writings on any item I picked up but things did not make sense either. The scribbles on the items were not just names, there were a few more writings which looked like quotes e.g. ‘Better Late Than Never’ or hanging sentences like ‘Dear Sister’. I was creeped out a little, but it was none of my business, I worked faster so that I could leave the place as soon as I could.

As usual, my curiosity asked for more and that made things blurrier, all these names were in some sort of order that I couldn’t really understand. That’s when she came in.

Madison (not her real name for privacy) is now 19 and she loves to read. She tells me that has been a book nerd ever since she can remember. She has this unnatural gift of memory and she remembers virtually everything. So, every book she reads doesn’t need to be kept while someone else can read it. Come to think of it, if you have ever met people who love reading, they usually keep the book even if they will never read it again. But that’s not Madison her fun she says, is in recording all the titles. You would assume that she has a diary somewhere…that’s where things take a different turn; she records all her reads on ‘random stuff’.

The different garage items pieces of wood, toys, metal, broken equipment and even old shoes all have labels of titles and authors on them. Even more surprising, she says it isn’t random, she has a specific system even though everything seems chaotic. If you ask me, it’s almost like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

On a plastic doll with big eyes (one of the eyes was out of its socket) and long hair; the title Dear Sister lies on its forehead and Francine Pascal, the author doll’s arms. “Now it makes a little more sense” I thought to myself.

On the frame of an old rusty motorcycle, there are deep inscriptions, Better late than never, and on the steering joint, Nelson DeMille the author. Somewhere on a corner, the right part of a pair of white stilettoes has the title In my shoes, the left partner lies lazily next to the other with a broken heel, the underside reads Tamara Mellon.

What a library! It tells her story in an unearthly way.

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