You Think You Have Seen Some Strange Stuff?

So as I said in my introduction, my name is Bob (maybe), and I am a garage door repair company owner and operator in Seattle. Sounds boring, doesn’t it?

It can be sometimes but consider this. When was the last time you cleaned out your garage?

No one like to clean their garage (I say no one, I have seen garages kept OCD clean and spotless, creepy) and the things that can literally pile up depend on the person in question.

I’m sure you have normal stuff in your garage like family photos, old toys, old books, the treadmill (be honest). Do you have a hobby like crafts or some such thing? You likely have a work area or at least stock your hobby in your garage.

But I ask you this question, are there things in your garage that are, let’s say, a little weird? Things that maybe you don’t want others to see?

Welcome to my world!

What’s in YOUR garage?

I have seen things that you wouldn’t believe in the garages of the Seattle area!

I’m not talking about a messy garage with kids bikes and boxes everywhere, oh no! That is most people.

The kinds of things I am talking about are a spot lit stage with a stripper pole and a professional photography set up around it. Sounds hot right? Except for two women in their late sixties live there alone!

Or there is always the guy who does sculpture in his garage. Sounds cool right? What does he use as his medium for sculpting? Marble? Aluminum? Ice?

This guy uses meat. Beef. Pork. Has a man sized refrigerator on a pallet so a truck can come pick up the sculptures, which he sells, and deliver them to parties where people literally carve off pieces of the sculpture and munch it! Sculptures of dinosaurs, sharks made from fish and even people are on the meat sculpture menu. The guy showed me his “portfolio” while I was fixing his garage door, and to be honest I was equal parts fascinated and terrified!

Honestly, my life is like being active military in some ways. Sitting around waiting for something to happen, then all crazy!

For more strangeness from me (Bob), check out the next post!